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                                                We work agents and agencies of all kinds, from individuals working out of the third bedroom                                                  of their house to five hundred seat call centers.  We value all of our relationships.

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Success can be measured in many ways. At Senior Securities Benefits we know that each agent we work with is different and has unique personal and business goals. We are a goal oriented group and are committed to helping you achieve your goals.


There is a reason our average agent sells more policies than most others. We do not look to work with everyone. We look to work with agents that want to offer and sell more to their clients. We are the leaders in teaching agents to best sell bundles.

Industry Leader

Industry Leader

It takes persistence and patience to become successful. We have the knowledge and know-how from experience. We are unique in that Senior Security Benefits looks to go above and beyond to give you a leg up to grow your brokerage.

Increase Under 65 Revenue

"Spouse in the House"

Chances are you are already doing the work by asking about your client's spouse. Let us show you how to add more clients to your book of business.

Queen of the Bundle

Gaylan Hendricks is our founder and CEO. Gaylan is an excellent trainer and motivational speaker. She also excels at designing scripts for lead generation and has been instrumental in training several large marketing organizations and insurance companies on product sales and customer service skills.

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