Hey Y'all, I'm Gaylan...

A entrepreneur, CEO, and your go-to source for all things insurance! With a passion for helping others, I've been rocking the health insurance industry for nearly 40 years. I help guide our company to unparalleled success, achieving sales of over
$120 million in 2020.

I'm all about empowering both clients and colleagues!

When I'm not crafting innovative sales strategies or sharing my insights on stage, you'll find me giving back to the community. From serving on boards to supporting meaningful causes, making a positive impact is at the core of who I am.

Join me on this incredible journey, where Southern charm meets industry expertise, and let's create a world of comprehensive protection, one insurance plan at a time!



Dive deep into the world of ACA plans and how to couple indemnity and ancillary plans. Learn how to expertly blend them to safeguard your clients well-being while addressing every budget  and coverage gap. Elevate your skills and offer unmatched value by becoming a true master of the Package of Protection.

"Doctors don't work for free, neither should you!"- Gaylan Hendricks


Packages of Protection In Person Team Trainings

In an era where one-size-fits-all solutions are becoming obsolete, Gaylan's expertise will empower your team to create personalized and strategic plans for their clients. The training will not only focus on the importance of diversification but also highlight the powerful relationship between understanding client needs and delivering tailored protection.



Are you an Integrity Partner looking for Manhattan Life & Aetna Contracts?

Are you an Agent looking for Manhattan Life & Aetna Contracts?


Gaylan is one of the most generous people I know. I am always inspired by her generosity and her willingness to share her vast knowledge. She is a true leader with a giving heart. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from her experience to continue to grow our business in this amazing industry!!

Kimberly F.

Now I know why Gaylan is dubbed “Queen of the Bundle.” I have struggled with cross selling in the past and it just felt awkward for me. I was doing it all wrong. I had a hour long Zoom call and she taught me so much in that short amount of time. I love the verbiage that she uses and the way she introduces the different products at the beginning of the presentation.

Jimmy J.

Gaylan is always willing to help!  She is on a mission to help people before they find themselves in financial stress due to cancer.  She has experienced what cancer can do to a family first hand so mention cancer insurance to everyone you talk to.

Danny D.

So much knowledge and a kind soul! Gaylan truly cares about making agents successful and helping agents protect their clients with the right products.

Johnathan W.

Gaylan Hendricks unlocks the secrets of successful sales by demonstrating how a diversified product portfolio can be a game-changer. By understanding the nuances of our clients' financial landscapes, your sales team will be equipped to tailor Packages of Protection that provide comprehensive coverage while aligning with individual budgets.

Integrity Partner Exclusive Trainings

More About QOTB Trainings

30-60-90 Sales Approach Training

Learn how to work harmoniously with your clients budgets, ensuring they get the best products  of protection that align perfectly with their financial goals. Elevate your skill set and create a  win-win solution for both your clients and your business.

Spouse in the House Training

Dive deep into the world of ACA plans and how to couple indemnity and ancillary plans. Learn  how to expertly blend them to safeguard your clients well-being while addressing every budget  and coverage gap. Elevate your skills and offer unmatched value by becoming a true insurance  mixologist.

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Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Training

Get ready to revolutionize your approach to ancillary bundling with this training. We’re putting  the spotlight on bundling Cancer, Heart & Stroke plans- with every policy your write. Dive deep  into not only the physical risks but the financial risks these illnesses pose and discover how  bundling ancillary plans can create an impenetrable shield for your clients. Elevate your  expertise, and become the ultimate guardian of their well-being.

Dental, Vision & Hearing Training

Learn how to seamlessly incorporate dental, vision and hearing plans into your insurance  offerings. DVH plans are the hottest ticket in town, so get ready to meet the market demand  head-on. Become the go-to expert for all-around protection and meet your clients needs like  never before.

Gaylan's Community Involvement

Gaylan's community involvement speaks volumes about her heart for others. As a dedicated board member of Ronald McDonald House and active supporter of organizations like American Heart Association, Fundamental Legacy, M4 Ministries, and Hope Fort Worth, she embodies her belief in giving back. These commitments are a testament to her compassion and drive to make a positive impact, reflecting her core values and creating a legacy of care and support for those in need.