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For today's medical uncertainties, people want a product to give them the Peace-of-Mind needed to plan for tomorrow. Affordable Choice with Manhattan Life offers clients the affordability to fit their budget, accessibility with few medical questions and flexibility to participate in the MultiPlan network or file claims on their own for reimbursement. Client has an option of four plans to choose from, each plan comes with Teledoc and Karis 360 benefit with unlimited uses.

  • Up to $5,000 Per Inpatient Day

  • Up to $100 Per Doctor Visit

  • $5 Million Lifetime Maximum
  • Hospital Admission Benefit

  • Outpatient Medical Benefit

  • Teledoc/Karis 360 Included
  • Surgery Benefit
    3X Medicare Fee Schedule

  • Up to $375 Emergency or
    Urgent Care Benefit

Actual Client Claim Examples

Hospital Stay with an Elite Plan
Description of Transaction
Total Charges - 7 Inpatient Days
Total Adjustments/Network Discount
Final Hospital Bill

Affordable Choice Paid
Admission Benefit
Affordable Choice Paid
Inpatient Benefit ($3,000 Per Day)
Total Paid

 Client came out ahead $87.77 after a seven day stay in the hospital!

Routine Preventative Exam with Classic Plan

Service Received
Plan Pays
Preventative Care/Office Visit
Lab Test
Subtract Network Discount
Subtract Plan Pays Total
Client Balance After Claim

For routine visits, compare the client balance with copays on other plans with much higher monthly premiums and deductibles.
Affordable Choice wins!


Monthly Premium
Street Level Commission
Agent First Commission Check
Commission Example based on SSBI average annual premium amount.
6 Month Advance
Commission Example based on a 45 year old buying a Elite Family plan
6 Month Advance

Materials and Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there an online application?
Yes! Manhattan Life has one of the easiest eApps out there. Signature at the end of the app is the client's mother's maiden name. Type that in and submit! Perfect for over the phone sales. The link is built specific to your writing number, so you can even post the link on your website or social media for the client to access. Any application completed via that link is credited to you.

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How are claims paid? 
There are two ways you can handle claims.
1) See if your doctor is a part of the MultiPlan Limited Benefit Network and take advantage of the network pricing. Doctor handles claim.
2) Client does self pay at the doctor office. Files claim on their own and is paid directly.

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What is the commission?
 Street level commission is 30% with a six month advance option.

When can I get started?

Immediately!  Agent writing numbers are typically issued within 48 hours of contracting.  You can write business before you have a number if you live in a state where “Just in time contracting” is available.  Ask a marketer for details.